Who are we?

Knowptima Solutions, a black woman owned company, focuses on delivering value to customers through the delivery of services and products underpinned by enrichment and delivery of critical organisational knowledge. Notably, Knowptima are front runners in measuring the unmeasurable (i.e.: intangible assets). Through proven methodologies, the value added to the company and thus your customers is measured in cash terms.

Why chose us?

This value offering has been consistently and innovatively applied to customer solutions for the past 16 years by an extended team possessing more than 85 years combined experience in knowledge solutions.

Our guarantee

  • Knowptima will work with you every step of the way.
    Remember, increasing your real value in cash terms is
    the most important thing to us so we will stay until you
    succeed at measuring the unmeasurable.

Our People

Selaocoe Pobe
Knowledge Specialist

Lao has over 16 years’ experience analysing, developing and implementing knowledge management solutions. She has a strong technical and management background having started her career as a developer and analyst and progressed to senior responsible roles. Lao is output driven, passionate about the transformation of people, knowledge optimisation and preservation, and quality and customer service. Excellence is King!

Selaocoe is also of the strong opinion that knowledge should be shared by all and used to the benefit of society as a whole. She has deep insight into what is available and valuable in organisations and has a knack for identifying valuable knowledge and transforming it into tangible assets to the benefit of individuals and organisations. She is passionate about our future, as a nation and as a people of this world and is driven to assist in any way to create healthy and unbiased sustainability within organisations to ensure upliftment.

“I believe that if just one person can be uplifted in terms of skills, knowledge and critical thinking, it goes a long way towards the upliftment of a family and a community. Imagine the possible growth and wellbeing of a nation!”

“focusing on delivering value to customers through the delivery of services and products”

Our Partners