Applied Knowledge Management & Intellectual Capital Valuation and Management Solutions with real bottom line impact

“We facilitate the identification, capturing and transfer of critical decision making capability to the individual organisation.”

Attract more customers and investors, know your true value, grow your business.

Our Guarantee: Knowptima will work with you every step of the way.

Remember, increasing your real value in cash terms is the most important thing to us, so we will stay until you succeed at measuring the “unmeasurable”.

Some Application Areas for Intellectual Capital and Applied Knowledge Management

  • Intellectual Capital Estimations allows you to know your real value of your business to utilise:a) to attract investors

    b) to communicate to shareholders

    c) to negotiate from a well informed position during Joint Ventures,  Mergers & Acquisitions

    d) intangible assets as financing securitisation when raising funds

  • Intellectual Capital Calculations to add your intangible assets to your balance sheet / statement of financial position to increase the value of your business)
  • Measure Knowledge Management effectiveness (tangible benefits)
  • Return on investment calculations for training / learning and IT Solutions
  • Tacit knowledge capturing for Ageing workforce and high turnover environments
  • Business Process measurement and improvement (Cost of Poor Performance)
  • Monetisation of data and related capability
  • Human Capital solutions:  measure the value added by an individual or a role
  • Strategic review and change management (organisational transformation)
  • Intellectual Capital awareness and training

The Benefits of Managing your Intangible Assets speak for themselves:

  • 40% Increase in Revenue Generation
  • 40% Increase in your assets on your balance sheet
  • 25% Increase performance linked to strategic objectives
  • Greater Management of Risk
  • 35% Greater Customer Satisfaction
  • 10% Increase in customers and investors
  • To be clear about the Key assets of your company
  • To know the real value of your company